Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An Encore Performance & A Legend Moment

Not Bragging. Just Stating The Facts…….Word got around fast about the hotness of the headline show I told you about last week. So, we have been asked to do an encore performance. I’ll have some video for you from the first show in a minute; and you can also expect something to follow from the second show. Oh, by the way, we made the front page of the paper.

You Never Know……Ain’t that what the grown folks use to say? Looks like they were right. While I was doing all that wailing, someone was watching. It turned out to be another headliner, legendary Rat Pack era comedian Marty Allen. If you watched television or traveled to Las Vegas during the last 4 decades of the 1900s, then you’ve seen Marty Allen. He’s in his 80s now and still performing, along with his wife, vocalist Karon Kate Blackwell. After talking about how much they enjoyed the show, he told me I reminded him of a singer he often went to see back in the day. I asked who, he said, “Sam Cooke.” I’ve heard that comparison more than a few times, and I like it. Sidebar: I’m going to have to be Sam Cooke for the biopic. You know I’ll put the smackdown on “A Change is Gonnna Come,” and “Bring It On Home To Me.” Somebody call my manager and hook me up……..Anyway, Mr. Allen went on to tell me how Nat King Cole helped his career, about his experiences with the Beatles, Aretha Franklin and a host of others. We had a cool old school/new school moment.

Check Them out. Sam Cooke, Marty Allen, Karon Kate Blackwell

While You Weren’t Looking……..I slipped into the U.S. for a minute last week (San Diego, San Francisco, and Oregon). Now I’m headed for Ketchikan, Alaska. Wonder if I’ll see……never mind.

Momma Is Always A Masterpiece……Why don’t you tell her this Sunday with my CD or the single.

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Thanks for coming on the ride and let’s continue the conversation…….


J. Phoenix

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