Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Old School/New School on the Alaska Run

From the Caribbean to the Land of the Midnight Sun…….So yeah, I went from the heat of the Caribbean and Central America this winter to the coolness of Alaska this Spring. I ain’t feelin’ the weather right now, but I’m lovin’ the opportunity. There’s not a whole lot I like to do here, so I’ve been spending more time on new music. Yes, I promise you something for 2010. Jelani, my manager who despises the cold, flew over and brought along a truck load of inspiration. After some of our late-night recording sessions and brainstorming, I’m ready to hit the ground running when I return to the New York this summer….after a much needed vacation, of course. Do you realize I’ve been on tour for almost two years?

Is this a sign?…....
This tour has taken on an interesting twist that speaks to what music reviewers call my “old school meets new school vibe.” I keep meeting older artists with long careers, who have, at some point, been connected to Vegas. I hope it’s a sign ‘cause I could use one o
f those Celine Dion-type runs in Sin City. Recently, vocalist and all-around entertainer, Hal Frazier caught one of my performances. He had some great things to say and a lot of advice. I listened. Hal is a dynamic vocalist whose career was launched in the mid-60s and included appearances on every major late-night, talk and variety show from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, to the Ed Sullivan Show, from The Merv Griffin Show to The Flip Wilson Show. In Vegas he’s played Caesar’s Palace, the Sands, and Harrah’s. He toured with comedian Don Rickles and was once managed by actor/comedian Don Adams. Now in his 70s, Hal still rocks the house. We had lunch and I took the opportunity to learn as much as possible. It’s not often this amount of wisdom walks right up to you.
I know, I know, I'm giving that basketball commentator vibe in the photo.

Talking About Masterpiece…….
Before I hit you up with something new, I’m going to fulfill my duty to talk to you about Masterpiece. I don’t want to get caught slackin’. Video is on the way.

Thanks for coming on the ride and let’s continue the conversation…….

Masterpiece is available at iTunes, CDBaby, Rhapsody, Amazon, eMusic

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