Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Few Words About Michael

Shocked!........That pretty much sums it up. Over the past week, like most, I’ve been thinking about the music; and I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to the allegations, both old and new, and wishing he had the opportunity to vindicate himself. Like the rest of us, Michael was flawed….but his talent was perfect.

I’m joining the throngs of performers who have talked for seven days about Micheal’s influence on their careers. I’ll admit it, I did a few spins and a moonwalk or two when no one was looking, but, it has always been Michael’s connection to the world through his music that moves me most, followed by his kick-ass performances. There’s no doubt that Michael clearly understood the meaning of entertainment. In this department, I believe he was untouchable.

Now you know I have a Michael Jackson story……
A while back a mutual friend played Ghetto Love Song, for him, and his immediate response was “great voice ...great song....who is this?” While I never got the chance to write with him, I’m holding on to the fact that the best on the planet said I had a great voice and I wrote a great song.

Soundtrack……….On the performance side, singing She’s Out Of My Life got me into a major talent show back in the day. On the listening and looking side, it’s a triple play with Thriller as favorite song, video and album. Coming in close for favorite song is Man In The Mirror, and there's a host of others too numerous to mention. It’s been a blessing to experience his genius, and I hope he’s found his peace.

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