Sunday, July 12, 2009

Precious Reminders

Coincidence. I Don’t Believe In It............But I do believe in destiny, and a few days ago I was destined to meet the reminder that my music is authentic. I refer to it as such because it is not tied to a moment in time, but to all times. Anyway, after a well-received performance, I decided to do a little hanging with some musicians. After a few minutes of kickin’ around general conversation the drummer starts talking about 2Pac and that his favorite song of all time is Thugz Mansion. When I told them I co-wrote that one the place went crazy. Between the “get the f@#k outta heres,” and “that song is hot,” came “I have that on my iPod. Is that you in the video?” Yes it is. The conversation continues and someone says his favorite R&B song is by this artist named Joe. So I ask what’s the name of the song? He says All That I Am. In my head I'm saying all right God you got my attention again. I fess up and tell them I wrote that one too. I was not prepared for his response. “Wow, that’s great song. I thought Babyface wrote it until I looked at the credits.” You know I ain’t mad. That’s some great company to be in. So now they all want me to listen to either their music or their friends music. I will do what I can.

That’s my intention when I write. Every now and then someone comes along to let me know I’m meeting my goal. Recently, while signing autographs after a perform
ance, everyone told me they bought the CD because they found a connection to Masterpiece. I’m inspired.

The J List

This is a new addition to the blog to let you know what’s playing in my ear.

Decision – Busta Rhymes

Shoot for the M
oon – Busta Rhymes (the track is fire!)
Roots Before Branches - Room for Two
Justified - Smokie Norful
Dear God - Smokie Norful

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