Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The highly anticipated sophomore album 
from J. Phoenix is here.

There are no limits in Undiscovered Territory. Here it is about hearing music with no preconceived notions as to category, demographics, etc. It's just good music that's all about connecting to that place music takes you, reconnecting with what music has always done for you, and discovering new places you didn’t know existed.

Come to Undiscovered Territory and get connected with music the way it should be, unrestricted, wide open and moving, all tied together with the common thread of meaningful lyrics, strong production and a sound delivery of soulful vocals.

What music lovers are saying...

"The production allows one to feel the soul of the storyteller behind the music. By the end of this collection of chapters, I felt like I'd had an intimate, heartfelt conversation with the man himself."    
                                                    --Rhonda Denet, Vocalist, Songwriter, Band Leader

"J. Phoenix's voice is irrefutable and expressive with a facility that is oftentimes thrilling. Undiscovered Territory is an artistic statement from a man who is sure of his talents and his intentions."
                                                              --Tony Markham, Floral Designer

" I love the way you convey the raw emotion to each song you bring to life!"
                                                                 -- Derrick LeBlanc, Film Industry Executive

"J. Phoenix has the unique ability to create a visual with the words in his songs, bringing the listener on a musical journey."
                                                      --Tamisha Bouknight, Educator  

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