Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Word On J. Phoenix + Undiscovered Territory


I remember the first time I heard J. Phoenix's voice.  I opened the CD, popped it in the player, closed my office door, sat down and closed my eyes. About 30 minutes later I remember thinking to myself, I could listen to this voice all day long. And with the release of Undiscovered Territory, I still feel the same.

Undiscovered Territory is a collection of well-crafted songs only made more effective by J. Phoenix’s buttery vocal instrument, starting with the catchy melody of Radio Days where this musical journey begins. You can hear the light rock as well as obvious R&B influences on Cheap Talk. And lets just say, the timeliness of My America is uncanny and stands out as the project’s most relevant song, as it conjures up all kinds of images from Obama to Trayvon Martin. Still Waters is simply haunting, a case of a song that you never want to end.

For some artists it’s never been about a #1 Billboard song but something much deeper. It’s about releasing a cherished gift to the world. One should unwrap Undiscovered Territory as you would a nicely wrapped birthday present that you will most definitely want to share”   
                                                    --Derrick Thompson, Music Executive
“J. Phoenix has boldly embraced his journey into Undiscovered Territory with this new CD. The trip begins with Radio Days, which brings me back to a time when I bought a whole LP and actually enjoyed the ride from start to finish. That song set up an anticipation for each destination that never disappoints. From my new personal anthem, Walking On Water to the emotional soul-filled rock roller coaster of Past Living Present, to the beautiful closing duet, I Found Love this album will be on repeat in my car. I'll have to buy another copy for home”. 
                                                    --Rhonda Denet, Vocalist, Songwriter, 
                                                      Band Leader

“The message is laid bare in the opening track of the album, Radio Days. J. Phoenix reminisces and provides a reminder of the trend shift in popular music over the years toward the vacuous. Over the funkiest of beats and organ(!) he sings, ‘I remember bass and treble. I remember highs and lows...I want to go back just a little bit. When music hit my soul.’ And that is exactly where Undiscovered Territory takes us. This is not just a collection of tracks pushing sentiments meant to elicit old school nostalgia, but a journey through superb singing and song craft full of integrity, meaning and passion. The songs are stellar with lovely and surprising production textures. There are nods to R&B, pop, rock and even country. J. Phoenix's voice is irrefutable and expressive with a facility that is oftentimes thrilling. Undiscovered Territory is an artistic statement from a man who is sure of his talents and his intentions.” 
                                                   --Tony Markham, Floral Designer

"I went to Undiscovered Territory and I’m going back! In this collection of songs
J. Phoenix tells us that his life is truly our lives. The spiritual overtones in every song whether pop, inspirational or R&B, says his roots flow from the black church. The lyrics speak to his strength of spirit and the power with which he belts out each song says he believes in what he sings."
                                                     --Deborah Patterson, Legal Services Consultant

“I’ve been a fan of J. Phoenix’s music for a while now.  His lyrics are raw, meaningful, and beautiful!  J. Phoenix has the unique ability to create a visual with the words in his songs, bringing the listener on a musical journey. On Undiscovered Territory, “My America” especially resonates.  It weaves a tale of someone trying to reclaim an idealistic love and the values associated with that love.  Instead of focusing on a relationship between two people, the song focuses on the love one has with his country, including wanting that love to live to it’s fullest potential.  Many Americans can relate to the lyrics of this song where J. Phoenix does an excellent job describing our struggles.  
-- Tamisha Bouknight, Educator 

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