Monday, June 30, 2008


Real Pizza, Real History…..Coming from New York City I thought I was the pizza connoisseur. Not so, at least not until now. In my recent travels through Italy I have learned the truth…outstanding crust and fresh tomatoes; and like in New York, it’s available everywhere……On another note, rolling over here has made me realize that the U.S. is seriously in its infancy. Hanging in Greece and Italy around the Parthenon (built in the 5th century BC) and the Coliseum (construction started between 70 and 72 AD) really put things in perspective. Between performances I also had the opportunity to visit some “younger” landmarks, among them The Monument of Four Moors, which spoke to me loudly, The National Museum of Rome and the unfinished church, Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, Spain. Did I mention the heat? It must have had me trippin’ because I ventured to hike to the top of the Parthenon….the view is captivating… 90 degree weather. Even dogs were seeking shade along the way.

Where In The World Is J. Phoenix…….In Croatia today and tomorrow, and Malta on Wednesday.

What’s Up With Me & Masterpiece…….Well music writers and A&R folks are comparing me to Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott, Eric Benet, and Avant, so I’m good, considering there’s no major label and the budget is shoe string. My management is genius! At the end of last week I was sitting at #63 on the Top 100 New York Neosoul Artists chart at Myspace, #49 on the Top 100 Pop Artist chart at Reverbnation, at Indie-Music “Hate to Love You” was #10 on the R&B chart, and at the top of the month I was an “Editor’s Pick”. Just heard Masterpiece is now available online at Target and will soon be available through the predominant mobile phone company in Japan. So, like I said, I’m feeling good.

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