Thursday, July 10, 2008

Silverback, Grizzly and All That Jazz

Back To The Music…..I’ve been so caught up in the environment, I haven’t spoken to you about the music. Trust me, in addition to the performances music is on my mind on a regular. Even when I’m climbing the steps of ancient ruins, I’m working on a melody. I just started two new shows, Jazz Set and Summer Breeze, and I’m hyped because I'm singing with the fabulous Shevon Jacobs and this sister can wail!!.....just the two of us lightin’ up the stage.

Folks Are Recognizin’…..Last week a family, who recognized me from the show, approached and went into shock when they learned that I'd never been to music school or taken vocal lessons. You know a brother took that opportunity to direct them right to the gift shop to pick up Masterpiece.

Where In The World Is J. Phoenix…….Well, last week I made a trek over to the zoo in Barcelona where I came eye-to-eye with a silverback gorilla….he was HUGE....and a grizzly bear, also massive. As you can see I’ve got a little photo skills. I’m an animal lover so it was great to also see a rhino and chimps almost in their natural habitat…..I hear it’s not that hot in New York, but I was burning up while hitting the markets in Croatia and Nice….I got to see siesta in full effect when I hit Pisa. It was truly a ghost town around noon….While stopping in a local grocery store in Villefranche, I realized how much we have to choose from in the U.S. and how much we still want more. They only have six cereals to choose from. If this sounds like a lot, check out the cereal aisle the next time you’re in Pioneer, Associated or one of them joints…..Just left Kusadasi, Turkey, and by the time you read this I’ll be chillin’ in Santorini, Greece.

What’s Up With Me & Masterpiece…….Had a nice write-up in Peepin’ The Scene, sales of the album are coming through on the cruise ship, and I'm looking forward to a national radio promotion later this month. You can get your own copy of Masterpiece from the following locations.

CD at CD Baby

Downloads at iTunes, Amazon, Ruckus, Digstation, eMusic, Rhapsody

Ringtones at GroupieTunes

Video at YouTube

Thanks for coming on the ride and let’s continue the conversation…….

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