Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I Was Hyped…….and ready to tell you all about the great review Masterpiece received, when I learned of Isaac Hayes’ death. So we’ll get to the review later. Obviously I was nowhere to be found when Hot Buttered Soul hit the streets; but when singing found me, I found the album and was blown away. While the cover was striking and impressive, it was Isaac's music and arrangements that held my attention most and led me to keep my ears tuned to his body of work. His contribution to soul music is huge. I remember my manager telling me he was the first artist she had ever seen in person whose performance surpassed what was on the vinyl. Not being in the States to celebrate his career and life with other artists saddens me. However, due to technology and the vision of David Nathan, of Soulmusic.com I was able to join Dionne Warwick, The O’Jays, and others in paying tribute to our legendary Academy Award winner. Please take a moment to check out the site and read some of the great things said about Isaac Hayes.

What’s Up With Masterpiece…….It’s obvious that Ronda Gholston at 4DaSoul.com is feeling the album. Here’s some of what she has to say.

Get ready to make a quick dash to your local to purchase what should have been the most sought out album of ’07. Emerging singer/songwriter J. Phoenix has delivered to us his independently released, debut album, Masterpiece. Listening to the album in its entirety, I would have to say that J. Phoenix shouldn’t be looked over any longer. Masterpiece is a beautifully written album that combines different sounds of soul, R&B with touches of jazz and a hint of classical…? That’s right! Each track, he is able to deliver to us heartfelt yet truthful lyrics that one can only feel connected to…… This debut album will clearly have people buzzing and raving about J. Phoenix and the musical talent this man possesses. Every track delivers a message of hope, love, and empowerment, while listening to beautiful vocals that we can only attempt to mimic…… The title of the album, clearly speaks for it’s self.

You may read the review in its entirety at 4DaSoul.com.

Where In The World Is J. Phoenix……Today I’m in Naples, and I'll be spending the weekend in Venice.

Thanks for coming on the ride and let’s continue the conversation…….

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