Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Great Review

"Nowadays, there is something commendable to be said about R&B that doesn't feature lyrics dripping with sex and vulgarities. Masterpiece is a gem in the sense that it brings back the old school vibe of our culture's Motown days while still maintaining a firm foothold in the present.

"Sweet sweet freedom/ Everybody's on the same road/ No matter what your color/ Rich or poor…" goes the lulling chorus of "Sweet Freedom," a fitting representative for the tone that is pertinent throughout J. Phoenix's debut effort.
With a title like "Money Don't Mean a Thing," another of the album's tracks could have easily been a forgettable filler piece, but J. Phoenix's smooth, sultry vocals give it the credibility it deserves. Not one syllable is neglected; nor is any sentiment understated. J. Phoenix sings with such passion and conviction that it would be difficult not to be transported.

Masterpiece isn't revolutionary in its theme, so don't invest in it if you're more into hip, progressive music. However, the album exudes talent, and it is with much hope that J. Phoenix will repave the forgotten path for other R&B artists to regard their craft with the care that he has.
--Charissa Che
The Pace Press

Where In The World Is J. Phoenix……
Today I’m in Tunisia. Later in the week I will be Spain, France and Italy.

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