Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Good News

I've won honorable mention for “For The People” and two unrecorded songs, “Crossroads” and “Light In The Dark,” in the 16th Billboard World Song Contest.

Sharing the honors with me for “Light In The Dark,” which the judges describe as “a great track with a very pleasant soundscape,” is Gary Haase, my long-time collaborator and executive producer of Masterpiece, known for his work with such artists as Celine Dion, Chaka Khan, Randy Brecker and Michael Bolton. The judges also say the song as has “lot’s of potential for wide and great success.” Let's believe they're right. The Heatmakerz, the phenomenal Hip-Hop production team known for their work with Cannibus Cam’ron, Lil Flip, and Lil Wayne, share honors on “Crossroads” described by the judges as having an “excellent vocal delivery and a very nice arrangement and progression,” and “For The People,” the high-spirited, infectious song called “a winner and real crowd pleaser with good melodies and a great message” by the A&R team at Taximusic.com.

As I said two days ago, the reminders are precious. I honor them each time they show up. A word to the songwriters out there: Stay focused and stay with your music. There are those who appreciate what you do.

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