Monday, August 31, 2009

Jeans & J. Phoenix: Live In Atlanta

It feels good to be home……… felt good to be part of Born To Play, Gap’s celebration of 40 years of heritage in jeans and music, “the largest-ever simultaneous live acoustic music event” hosted by Gap, and It felt great performing for my fans with two of Atlanta’s premiere musicians.

I like the unusual……….and I think I’ve caught a lil in-store fever. There is something organic about singing amidst the shopping experience. During a time when we are all watching our coins, it feels right to get some entertainment in the process. The feeling is right up there with ‘free sample’.

Spotlight………I gotta shine some light on my girl Maria, who did a fantastic job hooking up the merch table, and my girl Kendra, who along with her two beautiful daughters took an hour and a half drive, in Atlanta traffic, to come out and support me. I also want to give a shout out to Avenue at Webb Gin Gap store managers, Jeremy and Lelund, who were instrumental in the success of my performance.

I’m stealing a lil vacation time, and I’ll see you in a minute.

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