Monday, September 21, 2009

J. Phoenix & Toni Braxton On Same Page

I’m in deep chill mode, but I can still hear……and I hear Toni Braxton is about to hit us up in February with “Pulse” her first album on the Atlantic label. So with all the leaking going on, you know a brother’s ears opened all the way up when I heard the single “I Hate Love”. While her song is good for a slow grind, and my “Hate To Love You” is a head bobbing, finger snapper, we are definitely on the same page with the storyline. J. Phoenix: Hate to love you, but I do/Toni: I hate myself for the way I feel about you. Damn, somebody needs to remix that!

Word is Toni's album might include some of the leaked songs, so I’m hoping we might get a little side-by-side airplay. Try it at home and see what you think. For “Hate To Love You” click on the player at right.

Put Your Radio On………in case you haven’t heard, my music is now being played on Jango where you can set up your own radio station featuring me and your other favorite artists. The best part, it’s free. Click here to set up your J. Phoenix station and enjoy the music you like while getting a little work done.

While on staycation……been enough places in the past two years….. I’ve been stretching my songwriter muscle, studio hopping and catching up on industry business. I promise you something J. Phoenix will drop in 2010.

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J. Phoenix

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